Kindness Cards

“Hey, where’s your smile?”

“Need a pick me up?”

“Feeling down?”

These are the words on Holy Family’s Bucket of Kindness.  When a student (or staff member) is feeling down, they can reach into the bucket and select a Kindness Card. Students in 6th grade designed and illustrated the cards to spread good cheer throughout the Holy Family community.

Everyone can use a word of encouragement and a positive message.  Those that select a Kindness Card are encouraged to keep the card for a boost of encouragement when needed.  Kindness Cards can be returned to the bucket so the message can be spread to another friend in need of a boost.

Projects like this help foster our community and strengthen relationships between peers and between students and staff members.  This project represents just one of the ways the Holy Family community shows respect and concern for everyone we encounter.  We hope that this project extends outside of the school’s four walls.  Let’s spread kindness!


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